Smart & Secure Habitats

We are a holistic technology provider, specialising in smart habitats, serving the Middle East, North Africa and South Europe, headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

About Us

Our Background

With a Masters of Science from the UK and EU, and decades of experience around the world, we have developed that magic and advanced ideas which keep customers and partners mesmerised with our approach.

Whether it’s a private home, an office or company of any size, a commercial or residential building, a garden, a yacht, a car, or any other habitat you would like to secure or protect, make it energy efficient, smart or even intelligent, deploy information technology or install audio-visual technologies, we will be delighted to apply that magical touch through our limitless technology solutions.

About Us

Our Capabilities

In a nutshell, if it is technology based, it is within our scope.

We are experts in commissioning smart habitats from zero to hero. Specifically we engage in all aspects of technology provision, using not only up-to-date infrastructure; we also use advanced tools, which enable us to be organised and efficient to the extreme.

A visit to our office, showrooms, client sites or online meeting will attest to our company ethos, win/win approach to business and most importantly our capabilities. Additionally, we will be able to demonstrate the tools and methods we use to successfully execute projects.

How We Can Help


We use our own structured methodology to deliver beyond your imagination and expectations, from a small, to large to multi residence setups. We have a layered approach to get the desired results.


We can be your expert holistic technology provider, from electrical, to electronics, to audio-visual systems, to control & automation systems, to information technology systems, to security and protection in both the physical and digital domains.


Not only we can automate your shopfloor/warehouse, but we can assist with digital AI-assisted advertising & marketing, information technology, security, analytics and communications. Take your customer’s experience to the next level.


Control anything from anywhere. Get a powerful wireless signal inside and outside the yacht. Give your guests powerful audio-visual experiences.


What People Say

We did not understand the process of creating a large office that would integrate our customer needs. Habitats showed us how to integrate all office functions and utilities into a cohesive user experience.

Julie Jones

Superior technology solutions and quick delivery. Habitats took our ideas, came up with a concept and gave us much more than we expected. We are pleased with our home.

Dan Wooten


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Become a Valued Client

With the aim of delivering the absolute best at any budget level, using a different approach to everyone else, with honest and transparent engagement at all levels, we are seeking like minded clients who appreciate the best value and an approach to business second to none, backed by expert and honest advice.

Please contact us to set yourself apart.