Habitats is a holistic, full-stack, smart technologies provider en route to create a new class of MEP called MEPT. We are fast growing and have a number of open positions.

We are a tribe of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion and conviction. We look forward to working with you, if you believe you have what it takes to join our tribe.

We select people based on two principle characteristics…

Attitude (positive can-do ad infinitum)

Having the right positive attitude towards work, life, people and animals is primordial to our tribe. Being humble is also substantial.

Willingness to be held accountable for your actions also means a lot to us.

Do you like a predictable and steady 9 to 5 job? Then our tribal ways are not for you.

You love to shine through the quality of your work, you immerse yourself into the nuances of your profession, you grab any opportunity to learn and expand your horizons and absolutely adore every minute of it.

Aptitude (boundless learning potential)

Being a capable individual means a lot to our tribe and strengthens our team. Capable means being able to learn fast, execute tasks with precision, and communicate the facts accurately.

If you are also inspirational, creative and innovative, it helps that much more.

The positions below will be open until they are filled by the right tribes(wo)men. To apply, please attach your CV in an email, and introduce yourself stating the reason why you believe you are the right tribes(wo)man for the job, at We are an equal opportunities employer in every aspect.

Web Developer

Positions: 2

You MUST understand web technologies reasonably well, be a programmer at heart, and most importantly you must love what you do. If you are full-stack, so much the better and if you are willing, you can get your hands dirty in DevOps too…

Graphics Designer

Positions: 1

Are you of the rare breed that can conceptualise and materialise amazing still and motion graphics works? Are you capable of thinking outside the box? Can you work in 3D drafting and rendering? If yes, your dream job might be around the corner. If you lack web design exposure do not despair, we have you covered.

CAD/CAM Designer

Positions: 1

Do you like working with drawings and delivering on amazing projects around the world? Do you have good rendering skills? Do you you an eye for contemporary and modern design? Are you excited of the possibilities VR/AR/MR/XR brings to a number of industries? If the answer to all of these is yes we need to talk.

HVAC Engineer

Positions: 1

You MUST have a thorough understanding of HVAC technologies, and be able to design ventilation systems and possibly willing to cross train in other MEP related fields.

Mechanical Engineer

Positions: 1

Understanding the MEP project lifecycle is critical, while being a competent mechanical engineer yourself, as well as committed to adding technology into the MEP mix. Working knowledge of evacuation systems presents a clear advantage.

Plumbing Engineer

Positions: 1

Can you design innovative clean-water and waste plumbing systems? Are you willing to add a technological touch into your craft?

Fire Systems Engineer

Positions: 1

Can you design fire alarm systems with an emphasis on fire prevention, while you also understand the need to design a good fire suppression system. Commitment to protecting living creatures from fire threats should be a demonstrable trait.

Electrical Engineer

Positions: 1

Understanding the theory and practice of electrical circuits should be your passion, capable of designing any size system or building electrical infrastructure. Passion for solar technologies and energy monitoring is a plus.

Electronics Engineer

Positions: 1

Understanding the theory and practice of electronic circuits should be your passion, professional and personal. You are capable of designing circuit boards, you understand the electronic components market and have ideas or be willing to work on smart technologies. Passion for this is a MUST, otherwise you will not be able to survive the accelerating pace of change and increasing volume of information.

No Experience

Positions: x

If you have no experience, do not despair. A good positive can-do attitude and a superb aptitude, will get you somewhere. If you have the right personality we might be able to transform you over time to a full fledged professional. But first and foremost you MUST absolutely love technology and be willing to spare no effort to expand your knowledge and understanding.

Want to work with us?