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If you seek best value or best quality advise you have come to the right place. If you seek the cheapest option, you have, in all likelihood, reached us by accident.

We are…

a holistic, full-stack technologies provider, unlike anything you have experienced so far.

Accountable, honest, intense, professional and transparent in everything we do and our expertise spans the entire technology spectrum.

We always execute projects with a long term vision, while things change at a rapid pace. With us you are assured to be current continuously. We focus on a small number of projects and clients in order to keep quality at the highest level.

virtual tour, website, e-commerce, digital advertising, marketing & social media development

Not only we can create any complexity guided, interactive or passive virtual tours, combining VR AR, MR, but we can also host it on your own website which we can design from scratch; we can subsequently host it on some of the best providers on planet earth for a superior experience and performance, in either a shared, virtual or dedicated server hosting environment. In addition we can design your e-commerce website, link it to the virtual tours we create for you, while at the same time we build your digital marketing and social media strategies, all along backed by analytics, interactive engagement tools and anything else modern technology has to offer.

We can also develop analytics and physical infrastructure for digital advertising in shopping malls, outdoor venues or any other place you can think of.

content management, customer relationship management & enterprise resource planning development

All of the above technology ecosystem (virtual tours, website, e-commerce, advertising, social media) can be linked to your CMS, CRM and ERP systems which we can design for you from zero to hero.

Interactive tour with e-commerce
Interactive tour with no e-commerce